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You have an idea of how you can help? You have a team? You have a plan? Good… let’s go.

STEP 1: Project Outline

Step 1 is where your idea begins to take shape. This is the checklist you should have covered before you submit in Step 2. Save this page, write this down, print this off… it’s entirely up to you. Just make sure you have your ducks in a row before you move forward.

Below is a list of everything you will be submitting in Step 2, as well as a few additional helpful hints. We did not create this for you to look at once and forget about it. Use this list to your advantage. Step up and be prepared. Trust us, it will be worth it in the end.


1 NAME OF PROJECT PROJECT: ___________________(Give your project a name. How will the public address your group when they see you at work? What will your team be called in the PROJECT SHOWCASE videos and posters? ex. Project Christmas, Project Hope, Project Track, etc)
2 MAIN OBJECTIVE (In 1-2 sentences)
3 GROUP LEADER(s) (Name, Age, Grade, Gender, Career Interest)
4 GROUP MEMBERS (Additional member(s) if any… Name, Age, Class, Gender, Career Interest)
5 PROJECTED START DATE (ex. In the next few weeks, January 18th, Already Started, etc)
6 PROJECTED END DATE (ex. Christmas, New Years, Late February, March 16th, Uncertain, etc)
7 COMMUNITY ADVISOR (Optional, but highly recommended)
8 YOUR PLAN (Full description in any format you choose. Use paragraphs, bullet points, a combination of both, or another style of explanation as long as you get the point across.Tell us what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. In your opinion, how will your project help strengthen Toledo, and the people who live here? Be creative here. If you feel your project is good, but does not help strengthen Toledo too much at this point, think about what you can do to keep your same project idea but tie it in with helping the community somehow.

Remember, this will be seen by the public, so make sure you have worked and reworked your plan with your group and/or advisor of your choice.

*NOTE – You will be able to update everyone later as to what may have changed in your plan. New ideas or means of achieving your goals will no doubt come to light. However, your initial plan here will always remain the same for transparency. You will be able to add updates at a later time as your plan grows and progresses.

10 HOW MUCH? (About $_________ , or NO IDEA YET)
11 CONTACT INFO (Group leader EMAIL and PHONE NUMBER… These will remain private unless you choose to allow outside public to contact you. We will use these to get in touch with you for filming and photography scheduling.)
12 PUBLIC CONNECTION? (YES or NO… Allow other community members to contact you with advice, support, or connections on helping your project. We HIGHLY encourage you to allow this.)


STEP 2: Checklist Submission

Step 1 is complete and your checklist is ready? Boom. Time to submit… and not just to us, we mean to the public too. When we say, “take some ownership,” we mean it. This is your project.

But with that responsibility comes accountability. When you send us your complete checklist, your project goes public. Your family can see it. Your friends can see it. The Toledo community can see it. But the best part is, any of those people can help. You have the option to allow outsiders to contact you if they know a way they can help. Use this to your advantage. Call on folks when you need them. You may be organizing this, but you don’t have to do this alone. If others want to help, and can help, let them.

Are you sure you’re ready? If so, let the games begin. Email us your final CHECKLIST (from step 1) directly to contact(at) to make your project come alive.


STEP 3: Project Showcase

Time to let us know how your project has been going, and Step 3 is exactly that. After you have submitted your project for the public to see, you no doubt began work right away on several parts of your plan.

The time has come to share it with the Project Showcase team. This is the part where you convince us to come down and report on your progress through film and photography. Give us a reason to bring our production crew back to Toledo and report to the public what you and your team have been up to.

Many students have great ideas, but what will make yours stand out is if you actually “walk the talk.” We know what you are capable of, so don’t tell us… show us. If you do, Matty Photography and P-51 Pictures will be there.

Send us an email describing your progress to contact(at), making sure you include the name of your project.