Community “HOME” Photo Series

The first set of the community-based “Home” Series photos are out in the wild, and can be seen on the official Project Showcase photo gallery and P.S. Facebook page. This is the second series of photos, following the “Pride” Series which captured students at the high school. We felt it was an important piece of the process, integrating visuals of the adult community members of Toledo into Project Showcase.

If you will, imagine the students who are photographed in the Pride Series, but aged 40 years. These will be the same people who you now see in the Home series photographs. These are the people who grew-up in this community, and continue to be a part of it and support it on a daily basis. We are all working towards a common goal, and now it’s time to bring everyones’ strengths together with that vision.

We found it critical to ensure that our visuals help tie the young, passionate individuals of Toledo schools to the experience and wisdom of the adult community. Separate, they are ok, but working together with common goals, they are an unstoppable force.

Project Showcase’s goal is simple – create awareness of Toledo, both to outside communities and within to the people who drive the streets, attend the schools, and work the farms of Toledo every day. The best part is that we are not having to fabricate or give anything an unrealistic “spin” to ensure it appeals to the people. We have simply captured the town of Toledo as it sits today, and there is no denying that it’s unique in every way.

What are you going to do? Students, parents, staple community members – ask the tough questions, seek answers and ways you can help Toledo. It’s not going to take a new building to start turning Toledo around, but only a single change regarding the way you think about Toledo. Overnight the tide can change… so when will that time be for you?

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